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Give it a try American Style

Posted by on March 26, 2016

America truly is a melting pot. It is tough to find any appetizer that was truly developed with influences from other countries. Americans definitely have some favorites that show up. It seems fitting to feature some Native American appetizers as well, they may be more authentic.

Chicken wings
You can make the spicy, sweet or plain with lots of different dips. Not sure that they are truly American, but they are definitely an American favorite. You can dress them up to be elegant as well.

Mini-Cheeseburger Pastry Bundles
These are just good. Americans stole the burger from Germany, the pastry from France and used the cheese on hand. These really are cute, fresh and good. If you eat them in Utah, they may even be served with “Some Dudes Fry Sauce”.

Blue Corn Pancakes (updated Native American)
These are not your big breakfast pancakes covered with syrup. These pancakes are a silver dollar sized soft chip eaten with your hands, much like you would a cracker. Of course the color is interesting.

Candied Bacon (yes really)
Why would this be considered an American appetizer and even elegant? Americans are famous for going to outrageous lengths for their favorite comfort foods. Not many would go so far as to candy bacon and serve it as an appetizer. If you are one of the few here is your recipe.

Roasted Artichokes
Castroville, California boats that it is the Artichoke Capital of the World. It may be true, they did put a sign up. This is a really nice looking appetizer and it can be served hot or cold. It is easy to roast a few and add them to the table.

Onion Blossom
Chances are if it is deep fried it has some American roots. There claims that is was invented in New York and New Jersey. It is simply a battered deep fried onion. It is cut open and truly does resemble a flower. Parts of the batter onion are peeled away, sometimes dipped in a sauce and eaten.

Roasted Cedar Planked Salmon (updated Native American)
Native Americans used what was at hand to flavor and cook with. They learned early on that different kinds of wood produces different flavors. Cedar has a rich and unique flavor. Go to the lumber yard and get a plank of untreated cedar. Soak it in water for about three hours. Baked the salmon in the oven on the plank. Cut up the salmon and serve it on crackers. (This is not your typical smoked salmon, but baked to retain moisture.

Navajo Fry Bread (updated Native American)
It’s simple, tasty and good food. The Navajo typically hand a hole in the center of the dough so it resembled  donuts. It can be served as a base of anything. They can be eaten cold and plain. They can be dipped in honey butter. They are a great little appetizer or a bigger version can be used as an entire meal.

So there you have it, recipes and ideas from the melting pot.

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