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Should Restaurants have Nutrition Information on their Menus – Yes

Posted by on April 1, 2016

The customer has the right to know whether or not their meal is going to give them a heart attack later that day. While this is an exaggeration my point is obvious that extremely fatty meals need to be known and that with nutritional information customers could better decide for their health what they really want to eat that day. 

                Most people aren’t so healthy crazy that they would search on the internet the nutritional information on the restaurant they were going to be eating at that night. And in most cases places such as fast food restaurants are last minute decisions that give the customer no time to do the research needed. By openly providing nutritional information customers would be given a huge wake up call to how much fat and calories they are eating every day. They might begin to see how bad they really need to work out to get their body back to normal and exercise might actually begin to emerge. While there will be those who just choose to ignore how bad the food they are eating is for them or fail to do the math for how deadly that extra cheesy bacon triple stack burger really is for their heart. Those who choose to ignore the information given right to them deserve to live an overweight and deadly lifestyle.

                New York is one of the fittest cities in the world. Everyone walks to wherever they want to go and in every fast food restaurant is a posting of how many calories each of the menu items has. The rest of America needs to follow in their footsteps and show the world that we are able to change and get our name off the list of most overweight country in the world. It is hard to believe that the food industry would actually promote this idea and practice and not instead attack full force to keep the customers blind of the damage their food has caused them. Fast food chains would be forced to make a radical change in their selection of foods as sales for huge proportions of food plummeted. It is still necessary for the public to be aware and informed about what it is that they put into their body. Cigarette companies are allowed to hide what’s in their product why should fast food chains be any different.

                The people deserve to know the damage they are doing to their body and with this new information could make a huge turn for the better, as exercise and healthier meals began to emerge once again.

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