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Simple Hangover Cures

Posted by on April 8, 2016

One fool proof method to avoid the ever so dreadful hangover is to avoid alcohol entirely, but who in their right mind would go through all that trouble to avoid the horrible, mind thumping pain caused by a few innocent cocktails.

Working as a bartender I hear many outrageous ways to avoid and cure a hangover. Some so outrageous I chalk up as rubbish and wouldn’t waste my time attempting, but others are so out there and easily attainable I have had no choice but to put into action.

Number 1 is a given; drink water! Don’t in the morning when the damage is already done, although it will still offer normality to those ever pumping blood vessels.

I have learned to add a little to a mixed drink as the night progresses. A vodka/bar-lime and water is a perfect example. The lime is so tart the water is completely unnoticeable. Not to mention water based drinks are obviously cheaper. I have even got my friends on this silly water wagon ride, topping off their rye and cokes and gin and tonics with a little splash of H20. Since alcohol is so dehydrating it’s an excellent way to hydrate yourself during the dehydration process. In combination with this have a glass before bed, maybe with a crushed Tylenol to give it a little flavor, and BA boom you’re up and in business the next day.

A hot bath is another effective tool to get rid of that paralyzing hangover. At first you may feel a little woozy but this is only as a result of your body sweating out all the toxins you put into it the night before. Then after the bath have a banana. Bananas contain natural antacids to help minimize the nauseous feeling. The magnesium also relaxes those pounding blood vessels that are responsible for the pounding headache. Then drink more water, this is my own personal fool proof method.

Some of the more “out there” ways to avoiding hangovers I have encountered are as follows.

1. Having a Caesar or whatever cocktail you were sipping on to cause the feeling in the first place.
2. Sauerkraut. Haven’t tried this one because I am convinced it would only add to the nauseous feeling caused by drinking but for all you Octoberfesting hooligans out there give it a go and fill me in!
3.Bologna sandwich before bed. A good friend of mine swears by this and has always been seen bracing the counter at 3am counting out extra thick slices of Bologna to take back to her room with her. Odd, but I have been known to take part in the early AM sandwich making ordeal and have felt slightly better for it the next day.
4. Lastly one that I completely disagree with is drinking milk. Who in their right mind would mix the cow special with the vodka, beer and whatever else is leftover in their stomachs? Perhaps this method is effective for some, but I don’t think my stomach could handle it.

What it comes down to is drinking must be pretty fantastic for people to put up with hangovers, and most importantly to take the time to write online articles on how to avoid them! If you’re going to drink just make sure you’re aware of your personal limits. Does beer make you feel better or worse the next day, or is hard alcohol responsible for the damaging brain effects. Different hangover cures likely have different effects on different people so my advice would be to keep experimenting! Good luck, and add bananas to your next grocery list!

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