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Soy Milk is it Good or Bad

Posted by on April 9, 2017

Lately there were many controversies about the effects of soy milk, especially regarding the common concern whether this milk can cause some serious consequences to everyday health. In today’s market, soy is considered a wonder product. It is perfect for any diet program, and the nutritionists support the information that consuming soy can help you lose weight faster than usual. In a great number of cases, people that are in desperate need to change their eating habits, and their everyday nutrition, often exchange the high calorie food items for soy. Due to its low calorie characteristic, soy is the member of the group called ‘fat burners’, healthy food items that support your body and help your body burn fat easier.

The studies about soy milk and all the soy products are ambiguous, some give strong evidence supporting and highlighting its benefits, while recent studies are warning people on numerous dangers when using soy products. Ever since soy came to the market, experts are highlighting its importance; the truth is that soy is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and E, even though it is highly low on calcium. Since soy milk is produced out of soybean, it is rich in fiber and proteins, though it does not quite taste as good as cow milk, many regard soy milk a better and a healthier solution.

The reason why so many began to doubt the benefits of soy milk is the consistency of some highly harmful substances. These components can be found in most of the seeds. The soy needs to be fermented to lose most of its harmful items, and even then no one can vouch that soy and soy products are completely safe. This fact was not made public, and for various reasons, mainly because of the market, no expert can safely claim which is healthier, soy or cow milk. If you believe that cow milk contains no harmful ingredients, think again. If you are the one in control of that particular cow, whose milk you will be drinking, and you are given some clear evidence that the food administrated to that exact cow is not filled with hormones and illegal substances, only then you are safe. Unless you own that cow, there is not even a slightest chance that you are in control. Unlike cow milk, soy milk can never have any trace of the similar highly dangerous components, but the truth is that soy contains some other substances not equally bad, however still bad. To avoid the danger, doctors strictly draw attention to a certain groups of people prohibited from taking any soy products, like the people allergic to soy, pregnant and nursing women, and persons who have been treated for cancer.

The truth is that people tend to exaggerate from time to time, so if we are going to be smart about it, we should take into consideration just the half out of the entire commotion, and simply discard the rest. Most definitely there are some harmful substances in soy and soy milk, however these are still not in the dosage of alarming. You should consume all the soy products, especially soy milk if you are lactose intolerant, however avoiding too much consumption is highly recommended. Not one single item is good if you indulge in it too much; just stick to your regular dosage and you will be more than just fine. If you are still having second thoughts, then you should only take the fermented soy products, the experts claim that these products have been cleared out of any harmful items.

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