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Soy Milk – Soy Milk

Posted by on April 6, 2016

I grew up drinking milk from the good old cow. I still drink it. I love to make chocolate milk with syrup. I am even one of those “weirdos” that drinks the milk out of the bowl after I have eaten cereal. My vegetarian wife, on the other hand, does not drink bovine milk. She drinks soy milk. I have tried it, and to be honest, it is really good.

Although I do not myself have children, most of my friends do. For various reasons, their children cannot drink good old fashioned milk. Because of this, they spend an unbelievable amount of money on various kinds of formula. It is a basic fact, even though a cow is a mammal, it is not human. Breast milk is not the same as cow’s milk. This puts us in the situation of having to buy expensive alternatives.

Humans have lived in societies based on an agrarian culture for more or less 10,000 years. That is an extremely long time. We have domesticated animals for pretty much the same amount of time. Although you can milk a wild cow (or goat), it is not an easy task and they will not produce as much milk as cows that have been bred for the purpose.

That 10,000 years is only a speck on the timeline of evolution. Our digestive system was not designed to process dairy products. That is unfortunate, because I love cheese. The difference in time causes problems. You have more and more cases of people being lactose intolerant.

The argument can be made (and it is a valid point) that the grains needed to make soy milk have been cultivated for the same period. The big difference here is you don’t milk the soybean plant. The science that goes into making it (which is a flash point for a lot of people) allows the product to be altered. It is made easier to digest by our body. It can be fortified with vitamins, and in such a way that they can be assimilated and put to good use. It is made into a healthier food by lowering the cholesterol and fat content. It is almost a made to order product. Whatever flavor you want, you can get. It can be made with less calories if you are watching your weight, or it can have more if basic nutrition is an issue. This can be of great benefit to places in the world where there are people starving. With vitamins and supplements added, it becomes so much more than just a glass of milk.

I have to say that for the children, soy milk is the way to go. Does this mean that I won’t drink cow milk? More than likely I will keep my habits, but honestly I have been fooled by my wife before and didn’t know the difference. If it looks the same, tastes very similar, but is nutritionally better for you, then I would say start the kids on soy milk. They won’t know the difference and will get an early start on healthy eating.

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