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Super Bowl Party Dips

Posted by on April 13, 2016

The Super Bowl is just around the corner. Are you struggling to decide what to serve for that long waited Super Bowl party? Try this easy and quick dip to enjoy while watching the Colts and the Saints. I have fun making this dip because each time I make it I try something new. You will notice a lot of the recipe is based on preference; this is a good recipe to use as a base then have fun with it, be creative.

Five-Layered Mexican Dip

½ cup sour cream (low fat if you prefer)

½ cup Roasted Red Pepper or Southwestern salsa (or whatever kind of salsa you prefer, I think the spicier the better but it is up to what you and your guests like)

16 ounces Spicy or Mild Black Bean Dip (or any kind of bean dip you like, but the black bean dip gives it that Mexican flavor the recipe asks for)

2 cups shredded lettuce (romaine or iceberg)

½ cup chopped tomatoes (the kind of tomatoes is based on your preference)

¼ cup shredded Sharp Cheddar cheese (this can also be based on preference, if you want a little more spice try pepper jack, if you like the look and taste of white cheese, try some shredded Swiss cheese, sometimes I like to mix yellow and white cheese for flavor and it looks good)

Chopped cilantro or parsley (optional)

Mix sour cream and salsa in small bowl. Spread bean dip in shallow glass bowl.  Top with sour cream-salsa mixture, spreading to cover bean dip. (The dip can be cover and refrigerated for up to 24 hours)  Before serving, top the dip with the lettuce, tomato, cheese, and cilantro or parsley.  Serve with your favorite tortilla chips (yellow, white, or blue).

Sometimes I like to use cherry tomatoes and just cut them in half and garnish it on top.

If you do not like bean dip, try out this dip without the bean dip too.

This is enough dip for about one 7-ounce bag of chips.  If you need more just double, triple, etc the recipe to fit your needs.

Enjoy this easy and tasty dip. Whichever team you may be hoping for the win, have fun with your friends and family watching this much-anticipated game.  

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