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Sweet and Sour Sauce

Posted by on April 14, 2016

Sweet and sour sauce is a good blend of opposite coming together and working really well. Part of that oriental yin and yang philosophy that with this sauce is brilliant.

You will need for this sauce,

15ml/1tdsp vegetable oil

1 garlic clove

15g/1tbsp fresh ginger or galangal

1 small onion

1 small green, red and yellow bell pepper

1 fresh red chili

30ml/2 tbsp soy sauce

60g/ 4 tbsp light brown sugar

90ml/6 tbsp dark rice vinegar

30g/2 tbsp tomato purée

240ml/ 8floz chicken stock

A dash of fish sauce

Lime juice

This is a spice hot sweet and sour sauce more like what you would find in Thailand rather than china. And it goes very well with all kinds of things, if you do not like it to hot make sure that you do not put in to many of the chili seeds.

First take your pepper and your onion and slice them all as fine as you can. Then crush your garlic and your ginger together and slice your chilli. Now make sure that you have every thing at hand as the next sages are very quick for we are going to cook this in a wok.

Get your wok and place it on the heat and wait till it is smoking hot. Then add the oil and the vegetables. Also then to cook for just a second then add the garlic and the ginger. Stir every thing rapidly so that it doe not burn and you cook every thing at the same time.

Now add the chili and tomato purée stir this so it just coats the vegetables in the wok. Now add about a quarter of the stock and let every thing just stop from cooking so rapidly and blend the tomato pure in to some of the liquid. Also if you have put in all the chilli seed and all then the heat on the chili will make your eyes feel like they are melting.

Now finish of by adding the soy sauce, lime juice, vinegar, fish sauce and the rest of the chicken stock. Bring up to the boil and it is about finished. If you like it a little thicker than it is ether reduces it some what or add a little corn flour.

Now you can make this like a sauce but if you want just fry of what ever you want to eat in the sauce first such as chicken or prawns and then follow the recipe and it is an excellent dish.

Also it goes very well with barbecued meats as well so you can chill it and bring it out as a dip as well if you would like to.

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