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White Lightning Sangria

Posted by on March 28, 2016

The traditional Sangria is a drink which is almost obligatory to consume when visiting Spain or Portugal, with virtually all bars serving the red wine and brandy cocktail. Visitors though have returned to their own countries and taken the idea of Sangria with them and so it is now a popular party drink. People have also experimented with the original recipe of Sangria to create new drinks including Sangria Blanca (white Sangria) and White Lightning Sangria.

For those in the United Kingdom White Lightning Sangria has nothing to do with the infamous cider, but rather is an adaptation of Sangria which makes use of white wine instead of red, and vodka instead of brandy. Sangria Blanc is basically a traditional Sangria where the red wine has simply been replaced with a white wine.

The use of vodka instead of the small amount of brandy in the traditional Sangria ensures that there is more of an alcoholic kick to cocktail, and it may be something to warn drinkers of the White Lightning Sangria about. It is very easy to drink this cocktail without quite realising how much alcohol is being consumed.

-Ingredients for White Lightning Sangria (one pitcher, serves about eight)

1 bottle of white wine

½ cup of vodka

½ cup of white grape juice

½ cup of sliced seedless grapes

1 green apple cored and sliced

½ pineapple sliced

½ cup of sugar

2 cups of soda water/ginger ale

Pour the white wine, vodka and white grape juice into a pitcher. There is no specific white wine or vodka required for the cocktail, although in terms of white wine, Rieslings, Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays are always popular choices. Few people will have a preference over the vodka used either, as it is there to add alcohol content with its taste being masked by other flavours.

Then add the sliced fruit. The choice of fruit is a personal thing and some people add bananas, tangerines and/or blackberries to the mix.

Finally add the sugar and stir gently until the drink is mixed together.

White Lightning Sangria is best served cold, so chill the mixed drink for an hour and then add the soda water to complete the cocktail. The White Lightning Sangria is now ready to serve and enjoy.

Like other versions of Sangria, White Lightning Sangria is a drink that seems perfect for parties in the garden when the sun is beating down and the barbecue is on the go.

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